About Us

Who we are

The Rwandan Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (RSPN) strives for mental health promotion, disease prevention and professional development.

  1. To promote the welfare of its professional members and increase public awareness of the role that Mental Health nursing plays in all areas of health care and disease prevention for the citizens of Rwanda
  2. To play a key role in addressing and identifying barriers to the stability of mental health for the citizens of Rwanda.
  3. To contribute to the mental health disease prevention and mental health promotion and implement care programs set by the Government of Rwanda and its partners
  4. To elaborate innovative mental health projects which will include community outreach and strengthening the less focused area of community mental health nursing and care for clients and their family members.
  5. Work in the community settings to decrease stigma of mental illness and assist community to support the clients and families suffering with issues related to mental health, addiction and suicide.
  6. To work collaboratively with members of health care teams in Rwanda to identify clients’ need of mental health intervention, help to facilitate and maintain mental health wellness for all citizens of Rwanda.
  • The nursing professional ethics principals constitute the backbone of the values of RSPN. The society members’ interests do not overlap with those of patients they care for.
  • We value human dignity, equal rights of individuals, professional competences, confidentiality and accountability. 

RSPN partners include but not limited to

Our partners

  1. Ministry of Health
  2. University of Rwanda, Center for Mental Health
  3. National Council of Nurses and Midwives (NCNM)
  4. Rwanda Nurses and Midwives Union (RNMU)
  5. Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital of Ndera
  6. Rwandan Neuro-Psychiatrist Society (RNPS)
  7. Rwandan Psychological Society (RPS)
  8. Association Rwandaise des Conseillers en Traumatisme (ARCT-Ruhuka)
  9. Opromamer (Organisation pour la Promotion des malades et handicape mentaux du Rwanda)
  10. Nouspr (National Organisation of Users and Survivors of psychiatry of Rwanda)

Our organization structure

RSPN structure